Why Cebron Group?

Cebron Group Investor Benefits

Investment in start-up tech companies has not been available to individual investors – until now.

Investments in start-up tech companies has been the exclusive domain of major corporations, institutions, venture funds, and the super wealthy. Reasons for this include lack of access to tech start-ups and very high minimum investment individual investor. Cebron Group offers individual investors and small institutions access to technology companies through pooling of capital and diversifying capital over multiple projects.

In many segments of the venture market, it is not enough to identify promising investments – access is also required. Cebron Group seeks to provide investors with access to direct investments that are generally unavailable to the investing public due to resource requirements, regulatory restrictions and high investment minimums. Cebron Group provides an investor with a number of benefits including:


Rather than facing the difficult task of building relationships with the most sought after technology company executives, tech teams and founders, a new investor can benefit from Cebron Group invest that already enjoys such relationships.


Minimum commitment levels are generally very high for investing directly in venture companies – typically $5 million to $20 million. Cebron Group offers entry for many institutional and high net worth individual investors who have difficulty meeting the minimum investment requirements of individual funds.


Venture investing requires extensive sourcing activities, due diligence and legal and tax analysis, and involves a very different process than investment in publicly traded stocks and bonds. Most individual investors lack the experience, the resources, or the expertise required to properly evaluate early stage tech companies.