What We Do

Cebron Group is a technology development company that uses innovation, business strategy, leadership, scientific expertise, financial management, and a network of experts to create and develop transformative companies. We are the primary creators, funders, and owners of these companies and take responsibility for ensuring their long-term success by providing them with support from the Cebron Group ecosystem.

Cebron Group focuses on creating and investing in technology-based companies that have the potential to disrupt markets. When a portfolio company reaches a later stage of development, we plan to take the company public in an IPO or sell to a strategic buyer.

Our innovative organizational design allows each company within our portfolio to attain a high level of concentration and proficiency in their respective marketplaces while also allowing them to reap the benefits of our portfolio of companies and the centralized services we offer.

We offer our portfolio companies strategic expertise, operational assistance from various in-house departments and third-party service providers, access to our business connections within and outside the Cebron network, and financial support.