Cebron Group: M&A

US and global network and execution capabilities

Relationships at many corporations and private equity groups

Access to deep M&A resources with the ability to handle complex financial, operational, human capital, information technology, and tax.

Superior financial knowledge and quality of delivery

Broad industry teams providing access to research and industry knowledge

Differentiation in execution with strong coordination and transaction process management paired with strong client commitment


  • The sale of a company, division, business, or collection of assets is a major event for its founders, shareholders, management, employees, and other stakeholders.
  • As sell-side advisor, we seek to achieve the optimal mix of value maximization, speed of execution, and certainty of completion among other deal-specific considerations for the selling party.
  • Cebron Group provides a comprehensive financial analysis of the various strategic alternatives available to the owner.
  • Sellers can rely on Cebron Group’s team of trained professionals to ensure that key objectives are met and a favorable result is achieved.