Miden Global

Miden Global was established to develop centralized and decentralized green bond and carbon credit exchanges and become a leading provider of marketplace infrastructure, data services, and technology solutions to a broad range of customers, including financial institutions, corporations, and government entities. We are developing broad capabilities across three segments:

  • Exchanges. Centralized multicurrency trading platform for green bonds and funds and decentralized cryptocurrency trading platform through a blockchain-based platform transforming illiquid assets into tradeable digital assets.
  • Investment Intelligence. Through our GreenVestment solution, we provide a suite of cloud-based solutions that help institutional investors and consultants conduct pre-investment due diligence, and monitor their portfolios post-investment.
  • Market Technology. Miden is constructing an end-to-end network aimed at identifying and solving the inefficiencies that exist in the global green bond and carbon credit markets together with automating the green bond workflow