Cebron Group investors are bound by the terms of the limited partnership agreement or similar agreement that governs their investment opportunities. While Cebron Group may occasionally enter into Side Letters with certain investors, providing them with additional or different rights, these agreements do not negatively impact other investors. For instance, Cebron Group may offer preferential terms, such as fee discounts or early access to deal flow, to investors with whom Cebron Group has a strategic relationship or who invest a certain amount. Cebron Group may also accommodate the legal requirements of investors in specific jurisdictions through Side Letters.

In general, Cebron Group is not required to notify other investors when entering into Side Letters or to disclose or offer the same rights or terms to other investors. However, in rare instances, investors may be admitted to a Cebron Group investment vehicle at a later stage without having to pay the usual late admittance fees. This may occur when Cebron Group funds an investment commitment, either fully or partially, not previously taken up by Cebron Group’s investor base (in addition to Cebron Group’s own investment amount), and later transfers such interest directly to a new Cebron Group investor.