Cebron Group Innovation and Exit


Our company’s team of scientists and engineers focuses on developing unique and disruptive insights. We work closely with external experts to evaluate the potential of new ideas to create a more effective hypothesis that could lead to a breakthrough.


Innovation is a crucial aspect of our business, and we constantly strive to evolve our business model to change the economics of our value chain and diversify our profit streams.

New Company

Our goal is to build a team of highly skilled, passionate individuals who are devoted to pushing boundaries and creating groundbreaking solutions. We are committed to providing an environment where people can explore their potential and grow professionally. We strive to foster an atmosphere of collaboration, creativity, and success and to provide rewarding opportunities that will enable our team to reach their full potential.

Scale and Exit

Our ultimate goal is to create successful New Companies that become growth-oriented enterprises. Through the leadership team’s efforts, these companies will seek to attract outside investors, build strategic partnerships, and develop businesses that generate substantial value over time, with the potential to become publicly traded.

Cebron Group Innovation and Exit (1/2)


Hypothesis Generation

Portfolio engaged to discover


Feasibility Testing

Develop, test, validate, and refine innovations

IP creation

Team formation

Portfolio engaged a critique involved


Internal Venture

Execute product and platform development plan

Assemble broader team and board

Led by Cebron Group founding team


Value Growth

CEO recruited

Board of Directors and governance

Separate from Cebron resources

Grow and thrive

Exit in IPO or sale