Create and Acquire

Our goal is to continually grow our Cebron portfolio by creating new technology businesses, evaluating possible strategic acquisitions, and searching for opportunities in expanding markets involving interactive communications.

Every new venture or acquisition we consider must be capable of becoming a market leader and must add value to the portfolio.

Before committing to any of these initiatives, our strategy teams conduct a rigorous assessment to make sure they are the right fit for Cebron.

  • Enhance Existing Portfolio Value. As our Cebron portfolio evolves and grows, we plan to improve the effectiveness and scope of our current portfolio efficiencies and reinforce cooperation and intra-portfolio business transactions.
  • Maintain Long-Term Interests in Our Portfolio Companies. We are committed to enhancing stockholder value by investing in a portfolio of long-term companies and operating them on an integrated portfolio.
  • Capitalize on the Strength of Our Management Team. Cebron’s management team, which is its core strength, is composed of a diverse group of experienced and skilled professionals who have successfully built, operated, and guided companies of all sizes and industries.
  • Expand Brand Awareness. To ensure the longevity of our success, we must stay committed to cultivating the Cebron brand and highlighting the advantages of our method, portfolio companies, and overall collective.