Cebron Group Innovation


1. Discover

Our entrepreneurial scientists and engineers work on differentiated insights – the kind that can disrupt and transform markets. We collaborate with external experts to test the weaknesses and strengths of new ideas with the objective of creating a better hypothesis that might result in a breakthrough.

2. Evolve

Business model innovations that can change the economics of the value chain and diversify profit streams have always been a vital part of innovation.

3. New Company

We attract, develop, and retain the top scientific, entrepreneurial, and managerial talent in the world. We combine innovative capacity, entrepreneurial leadership, and professional capital management in a single enterprise that systematically produces first-in-category.

4. Scale

Ultimately, a New Company is spun out to become a growth company. The New Company’s leadership team attracts outside investors, forges partnerships, and builds a business that creates extraordinary future value, often operating as a public company.