What is Blockchain Technology?

The world runs on information. We have entered the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”, where data is considered more valuable than oil. In this new world, information needs to be accurate and delivered quickly. What’s more, it needs to be protected against hacks, frauds and scams of all sorts. Any technology that achieves [...]

What is Blockchain Technology?2023-09-28T10:55:22+00:00

Are Digital Currencies the Future of Money?

By Michael Megarit Featured image Did you know that the world’s cryptocurrency market is worth more than $3 trillion? In just one decade, this novel asset class has disrupted the global financial industry. Indeed, the rise of digital currencies has transformed how individuals and businesses view money. For the first time [...]

Are Digital Currencies the Future of Money?2022-05-02T17:02:18+00:00

5 Cybersecurity Risks That Will Shape the Metaverse

Are you ready for the metaverse? Meta – the firm formerly known as Facebook – Microsoft, Nvidia and other Fortune 500 technology companies are investing billions of dollars in this revolutionary technology. And they are not the only early adopters: Athletics apparel giant Nike has already sold $10 million worth of [...]

5 Cybersecurity Risks That Will Shape the Metaverse2022-04-29T00:03:32+00:00
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