Buy Side

Buy-Side Success

We help companies achieve scale and value at incredible speed. Cebron sources acquisition candidates in the client’s target markets and industries with annual revenues ranging from $30 million to $500 million.

Historical and projected financial performance

Internal rate of return, return on assets and return on revenue

Experience and reputation of the candidate’s management and operations

Composition and size of the candidate’s customer base

Whether the geographic location of the candidate will enhance or expand the client’s market area or ability to attract other acquisition candidates.

Whether the acquisition will augment or increase the client’s market share or services offered or help protect the client’s existing customer base.

Potential synergies and cost reductions gained by combining the acquisition candidate with the client’s existing operations.

Liabilities, contingent or otherwise, of the acquisition candidate.

Sourcing Advantage

Cebron has developed an extremely effective method of identifying acquisition targets in specific industries that enable us to attract well-positioned prospective acquisition targets. We identify potential acquisition candidates through active origination and dialogue with numerous business owners and executives, bankers, lawyers, advisors, and management teams.

Industry Team Focus

Our investment professionals are organized into industry teams. Each team conducts its own primary research and is responsible for developing a list of industry themes and trends, identifying companies that will benefit from those themes and trends, and determining which companies would make an attractive acquisition.

  • Established companies. Structure acquisitions of established companies with consistent historical financial performance.
  • Proven revenue and earnings growth. We source businesses for clients that have the potential for significant revenue and earnings growth.
  • Strong free cash flow generation. Our focus is on acquisitions that have consistent, stable and increasing free cash flow.
  • Experienced management team. Structure acquisitions with businesses with a complete, experienced management team.
  • Benefit from being a public company. Our buy-side program is for clients that will acquire multiple businesses and will benefit from being publicly traded effectively utilizing broader access to capital and the public profile that are associated with being a publicly traded company.
  • Strong competitive position. Focus on acquisition targets that have a leading, growing or niche market position in their respective industries.

Multidiscipline Services & Industry Expertise

Cebron Group helps clients acquire, integrate and consolidate complimentary companies, including competitors, with strong operating histories, cash flow and significant growth potential, to build a large national brand.

We Use an Integrated Approach to Evaluate Acquisition Candidates

Using standardized frameworks and methodologies based on Cebron’s Buy-Side M&A strategy, the firm delivers consistent and high-quality due diligence solutions. Our multidisciplinary teams ensure that the entire process is executed effectively.