Cebron Group’s

Accredited Investor Technology Group

Cebron’s Accredited Investor Technology Group is a network of angel and accredited investors who are primarily focused on early stage technology opportunities. Typically, Cebron Group circulates 2-3 deals per quarter for review from our investor network. All of the deal’s that Cebron circulates have been conceived, developed, and financed by Cebron’s team of professionals.


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Accredited Investor Technology Group

Cebron Group’s Accredited Investor Technology Group is a network of angel and accredited investors who are focused on early stage technology companies. Typically our investors are looking for early stage companies, in a seed or series A stage, that they can review and invest in. Every deal generated by Cebron Group will have a series of dedicated webinars to get our network up to speed on the company, team and opportunity. The group is an excellent way to consistently receive access to pre-vetted technology deals.

Sectors of Focus

Medical Technology

Financial Technology

Artificial Intelligence


Quantum Technology

Blockchain & Digital Currencies

Upcoming Event:

Miden Exchange’s Virtual Investor Conference

  • – September 16th, 2022
  • – 11:00am PT
  • – Presentation by Miden Leadership on the company, market         opportunity, technology and investment options
  • – 30-minute presentation + 15-minute Q&A
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Cebron Group Benefits


As a member of Cebron’s accredited investor tech group, members will receive consistent access to early stage deal. This will grant members more deal exposure than can be achieved through ones own network.


Cebron’s companies are developed by experts and Ph.D level scientists to ensure our companies have the greatest odds of success possible. As an organization, we look to develop companies in emerging or brand new sectors and industries.


Members will have exposure to deals that may be outside their general scope of knowledge. By consistently reviewing deals, members can increase their knowledge base and potential investment spread.

Strong Potential

Members receive access to early stage, pre-IPO companies with strong return potential and may outperform the public markets.